Kratom Kilos

Kratom A.K.A.; Mitragyna speciosa is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. 

Buy 3 Kilos and receive a Steam Pitcher on the house!

Micronized Kratom Kilos

Micronizing kratom is the refining of particles of the kratom powder. Allowing for a stronger bioavailability, smooth taste and ease of use.

 Toss 5 grams into 10oz of any liquid of your choice.

Shake. Drink. Vibe.

Kratom Extract: Red, Green, Black, Gold

50 Kilos of Kratom powder extracted into 1 Kilo. 

For the Kratom aficionado. Enjoy our extract with endless possibilities!

Kava Pounds

Kava translates to “bitter”. We serve ours with almond milk and a tingly tongue! 

Kratom Capsules: Red, White, Green Maeng da

Prepackaged Kratom Capsules are the most convenient for the supplement user in you!


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